Desulphurization Back

We supply control systems for all types of desulphurization processes, i.e. dry method, wet method or a combination thereof. We have the know how to control technological equipment that ensures the reduction of SOx emissions. We control these processes by means of DCS platform with the possibility of distributed control of individual operating units. For the desulphurization control we offer our own  control system SandRA Z200 or  control system compatible with the whole unit control according to customer requirements.

DeSOx control

In process of flue gas desulfurization the SO2 is removed from flue gas when various methods can be used. The best known method is external absorption reaction with circulating limestone suspension in absorber reactor, so called Wet method.

The unit of flue gas desulphurization includes all main and auxiliary equipment including accessories needed for transportation of flue gas from the boiler to the desulphurization unit for absorption reaction, unloading, storage and preparation of absorbent and for removing and conditioning of product of executed reactions.

Monitoring and visualization is realized through the use of tools of Czech and foreign producers.  From Czech producers are used software applications of  Geovap company (Reliance), Moravian Instruments Inc. (ControlWeb). From foreign producers  are used applications of  Wonderware (InTouch) and Siemens (WinCC).                            

The diagnostic system is part of the process stations SandRA Z200.