Delivering of Reactor rod control system (RRCS) for reactor units of Dukovany NPP

Used products: RRCS, HMI

Branches: I & C common block components, Automation for Nuclear Power Generation

Realisation: 2004-2009

Finished at: 2009

Reference letter: Potvrzení výsledků projektu (Ing. Václav Krystýnek, Ing. František Švěda)


Design, manufacture, supply and installation of reactor rod control system (RRCS) for reactor units 1, 2, 3 and 4 NPP. The proposed solution of RRCS for NPP Dukovany comprises a total of 41 cabinets for one unit and main and emergency control room.

The delivery has also included documents for trainer supplier and HW and SW parts responsible for RRCS. The system is classified as a system for performing the functions of category B according to IEC 61226. The reconstruction took place under the prescribed deadline.