Modernization of modules M1 and M2 of Dukovany NPP

Used products: PCS, TPS

Branches: Automation for Nuclear Power Generation, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP

Country: Czech Republic

Realisation: 2000-2009

Finished at: 2009


The object of modernization is the system refurbishment of module M2 (IN-CORE - "in-core monitoring" and PCS - "Information Computing System") and the M1- (SGPS - "Steam generator local protection") for the units B1, B2, B3 and B4 of unit output of 440 MWe of Dukovany NPP.

Purpose of the project was to provide a renewal of selected parts of the I&C ensure conditions for a safe, reliable and economic operation of NPP under the relevant legislation, standards and recommendations of the IAEA, at least until 2025 year.

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