Power controller Back

  • Need to improve performance and operational reliability?
  • Do you want perfect model of controlled reactor?
  • Do you like ergonomic and clear operator´s workplace?
  • Do you want an accurate and stable control of power?
  • Do you want quickly change the value of the power with regard to safety of the operation?
  • Do you require exact controll of control rod drives?
  • Do you require a guarantee of long life cycle?
  • Do you expect reliable control system proven on energy units 440 and 1000MW?
  • Do you prefer a complete delivery?

We offer delivery of both, new or modernized pressure water reactor power control system on a level corresponding to the current requirements of your legislation in terms of ensuring nuclear safety, operational reliability and comfort staff. New pressure water reactor power control system is essential for nuclear safety and is designed using modern digital control and information system ZAT SandRA. The system is designed to control the power of reactor according to the power of turbine generator and to stabilize the desired neutron reactor power level. The system provides both, base load operation and load monitoring without the need to shutdown the reactor or pressure reduction.

Functional capabilities of the system, which is active in normal operation are continuously checked by measuring of relevant parameters. Exceeding of preset limit values of parameters is indicated. There is an automated system of operational diagnostics, to check the condition of the control system during its operation. Data collection and transfer them to the company network for archiving and next evaluation is realized with modern computer technology.

The scope of supply and services supplied in frame of the contract:

  • Documentation of quality assurance system
  • Project documentation and documentation - as built
  • Manufacturing, assembly on site, qualification
  • support of the licensing process
  • Startup including testing
  • Operators and stuff training
  • Guarantees for the entire delivery
  • warranty, post-warranty and guaranteed  service