“We focus on innovating the structure of our supplies and services provided to our partners,” says František Kural, director of Power Division

In terms of technology level, trouble-free operation and safety, SandRA control system currently ranks among top-level high-tech technologies for industrial process control.

That is why this year’s activities of ZAT in the field of conventional power engineering are namely focused on innovating the structure of our supplies and services provided to our partners, e.g. optimization of boiler, steam turbine or exciter set operation. “We have extended our product portfolio by services related to equipment operation. This namely includes data processing functions for data already available to the customer, i.e. operation optimization projects based on monitoring of individual equipment functions, functions for potential problem foreseeing, and goal-directed maintenance,” said František Kural, Director of Power Division.

The objective of all these services is to streamline the operation of technology under control, and to optimize Customer’s operating and maintenance costs. This includes yet another extension of our services and quality guarantee on top of existing 10-year warranty on Z200 and Z210 control systems, designed specifically for conventional power engineering and smart systems.

SandRA control system’s processing stations by ZAT are closely linked with HMI, i.e. user-friendly control and remote diagnostics for individual technologies, allowing for prompt resolution of any potential problems. ZAT has cooperated in the long term with the US company Wonderware and its Czech representation, Pantek company. “Because of the high number of our successful implementations, we have the privilege of being a certified integrator, boasting with a multiple title of the Best Wonderware integrator in the Czech Republic,” commented Ivo Tichý, Member of ZAT Board of Directors.