35 specialists visited our Summer Meet-up of Smart System Division

35 specialists visited our Summer Meet-up of Smart System Division

Every year in January we organize a big Customers´ day which is always visited by around 140 specialists both from home and abroad. And just at the last event we noticed an interesting initiative. Partners of the Smart System Division would also like to get familiarized with technologies for other fields, not just theirs. And that was a real challenge for us.

Therefore at the end of September in the premises of production plant in Příbram there was held a „private trade fair“ of the Smart system division, that at seven stands presented a porfolio of projects that ZAT focuses on in the field of smart systems. 35 representatives of companies such as SŽDC, PMDP, Severočeské doly, Skanska, Elektroline, NET4GAS, Innogy could examine our products from a wide range of fields like transport, gas industry, intelligent industrial systems and service.

In the newly reconstructed production premises there was a team of sales managers, designers and development engineers available to present smart solutions of our company. „To long-term as well as potential customers we presented both our current top solutions set up at a big amount of projects and an innovation called SimONet enabling wireless data collection and data administration including subsequent visualization,“ says Václav Janoch, Director of the Smart Systems Division.    

What visitors of the event appreciated most was the possibility to receive information on all division products and competences, and not only in their own field, as well as familiarization with future prospect of individual products. There was also enough space for discussion with ZAT technical engineers or for sharing mutual experience on cooperation with our company among other visitors.

„Interest of the visitors in participation in ZAT techonlogies improvement so that it suits their requirements better has brought a lot of highly-valued subjects for innovation of existing products as well as for development of the new ones. We believe that not only these innovations but also enhancement of trade connections can help SMS Division with higher use of market potential and increase of existing products in new fields,“ remarks Václav Janoch.

And which were the stands that visitors could go to?

  • Quarter century of centralization:

Reference and technical solutions of central control rooms that ZAT makes to measure to the technology applied by you

  • Innovative future on a solid base:

Vision of product Remote diagnostics and possibilities of automated SW replacing manual work

  • Smoothly to the future:

Simplified control system of telemetric stations including possibility of web interface display

  • Through visualization towards savings:

New platform SimONet and possibilities of its use in your plants

  • End of wire period:

Communication IoT network and pros of its use

  • Small system with big potential

Modern control system of belt conveyor for coal and lock chambers and possibility of its use in other technology processes too

  • Together with us even after warranty:
Practical presentations of installation and warranty and post-warranty service not only for our products