At the VVER conference we introduced a new generation of the RRCS system for nuclear power engineering

At the VVER conference we introduced a new generation of the RRCS system for nuclear power engineering

At the beginning of November, there was held a traditional conference VVER 2019 in Prague. This year's conference was focused on the possibilities of the construction of new nuclear units in the Czech Republic, the development of the peace nuclear trends in the world and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Important agenda points at the conference were related to nuclear fuel as well as the construction of new or reconstruction of existing nuclear units both at home and in the world.

We as an important supplier of control systems for nuclear power engineering presented a paper under the title: New generation of the RRCS system for control of the LKP-M/4 drives in the I&C projects of the VVER 1000 and VVER 1200 reactors.

Our colleague Ladislav Nový from the Power Engineering Division informed the listeners about a new generation of ZAT system based on platform SandRA – RRCS for linear step drives LKP-M/4 suitable both for new units with reactors VVER 1200 and for modernization of units with reactors VVER 1000. The development of the new product has lasted four years in cooperation with Škoda JS and has been completed this year. A joint patent on a technical solution for the position sensor was one of the outputs.

These are advantages of the new RRCS system: more accurate position evaluation of control rod (patent solution), position evaluation even in case of a simple defect of the sensor or cable line, minimizing the time for maintenance of the system during planned shutdowns, project lifetime 30 years, improving quality of the reactor core inspection – increased diagnostics of mechanical state of drive, cluster and fuel assembly.

Ladislav Nový also mentioned that the RRCS system developer in ZAT is simply modifiable for the drives ШЭМ-3 of the Russian manufacturer (ОКБ Гидропресс) that are currently commonly set up in all the projects of newly constructed power plants. He also highlighted the fact that the system is based on ZAT own platform SandRA Z100.


Observations from the conference

The I& field, that ZAT is involved in, represented a minor part of the conference. Another paper on the given topic was presented only by representatives from company Framatome that introduced the TELEPERM XS Compact system based on FPGA and used for the realization of safety functions of reactor protective systems. Other presentations dealt with machinery parts, mathematical modeling of serious accidents or the ways of eliminating the consequences of the project and over project accidents.

Company ROSATOM made an interesting presentation on the construction of new units, namely from the point of view of the number of contracts, localities and real schedules concerning construction and putting into operation. Its representatives mentioned examples of recent construction and commissioning of several units with reactors VVER that have been realized within the planned deadlines and costs. „It´s clear that if a company has adequate know-how, it´s possible to build nuclear units according to the planned schedule and even observing set calculation,“ says Ladislav Nový.

Another topic discussed at the conference was the prolongation of the lifetime of existing power plants. „From public declarations, we are aware of the fact that operators of power plants with reactors VVER both at home and in the world want to prolong their lifetime up to 60 years, which is a great challenge for ZAT and we are ready for it both technically and from the development point of view,“ adds Karel Stočes, Director of the Power Engineering Division.


ZAT in nuclear power engineering

- Control systems and know-how of the company have been set up in nuclear power plants in 7 world countries (10 % in the world, 30 % in EU)- Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Armenia, Finland, France.

- ZAT has currently been working on supplies of the control system at 4 nuclear power plants in  Slovakia, Hungary, Armenia and Finland – Czech Republic keeps its nuclear know-how also thanks to ZAT

- ZAT has been developing and supplying RRCS systems for pressurized water reactors VVER 440 and VVER 1000, newly for VVER 1200 for more than 25 years