Control system SandRA helps effectively control another biogas plant

Control system SandRA helps effectively control another biogas plant

At the end of November 2020, together with AGETE and BD Tech, we completed the modernization of the Slatina u Lovosic biogas plant in the Czech Republic. The project consisted in extending the existing technology with a separator, which will increase the efficiency of the end warehouse. The implementation took only three months.

ZAT supplied a new control system, including field instrumentation, cabling and cable routes. Thus we met the customer's request for the complexity of the delivery. “To control the separator itself and the associated motors in the sumps, we chose the SandRA Z210 control system, including the Weidmüller remote inputs and outputs. We have integrated the control of the separation technology into the existing Siemens Simatic S7-300 control system, including the operator stations,” states Roman Kűhnel, Head of the ZAT Intelligent Industrial Systems Expert Group.

The project was covered by AGETE, which has many years of experience in construction and supply for biogas plants. We work closely with the company to provide modernizations and complete service for this segment of customers. For many of them, together we have achieved an increase in the comfort of operating biogas plants, a reduction in failure rates and a simplification of fault detection, as well as an increase in the speed of their elimination.

ZAT is one of the leading suppliers of control systems and services for biogas plants. In cooperation with AGETE, we also provide an initial analysis, the output of which is a definition of the savings that can be achieved by modernization. With the proposed steps, we can ensure a reduction in operating costs and increase the efficiency of the production of electricity and heat.

“We offer customers cost savings in the operation of plants based on the complete supply of new control systems, including field instrumentation. However, if the analysis shows that it is still profitable for the biogas plant operator to maintain part of the technology, we are also able to implement only a partial replacement. Thanks to our own development, the SandRA control system can be very well connected to technologies from other suppliers,” explains Roman Kűhnel.

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