Marketing specialists all along Czech Republic were interested in ZoomAtTechnology

Marketing specialists all along Czech Republic were interested in ZoomAtTechnology

This year in February we presented a new format of customers´ day in the form of a virtual conference called Zoomattechnology. One-hour long broadcasting in English was so successful that up to this moment it has been watched by more than 7600 viewers from 148 world countries. You can check it at

The virtual conference broadcasted from ZAT production premises was one of the first events of its kind in the Czech Republic in the B2B field. The broadcasting was being prepared by a team of internal and external specialists for three months and it has attracted so much attention that we have been called on to present our experience with innovations in communication with customers at the conference Marketing for engineering held in Brno in June.

This year conference was focusing on trends and innovations in marketing, how to communicate with customers and how to be in permanent contact with them. There were giving talk representatives of companies that are not afraid to take courageous steps in marketing and to set new trends. And our company ZAT ranks among them.

Our colleague Martin Brašna presented to marketing specialists from all Czech Republic the course of prepration of ZoomAtTechnology, what we were focusing on when creating it, which technical challenges we were supposed to solve and how the live broadcasting was going on. After the presentation there was a lively discussion during which there was also mentioned sphere of ZAT business. At the end we invited the participants for next virtual conference ZoomAtTechnology in 2020 for which we cordially invite you too.

In the gallery you can look back at ZoomAtTechnology 2019 – worldwide successful B2B conference.