October was full of professional conferences where we presented our competences

October was full of professional conferences where we presented our competences

October in ZAT was full of professional conferences where we presented our technologies and know-how in the segments which we focus on.

The representatives of the Smart systems division appeared at three conferences focused on future and trends in transport and IoT, our colleagues from the Power engineering division took part in the seminar on small modular reactors and nuclear future.

8.10. – Future of transport at International Engineering Fair Brno

One of the topics at the conference on the future of transport was predictive maintenance from the point of view of the remote diagnostics of technological systems (DDTS) in transport. Jan Šlais from the Smart systems division took part here in the panel discussion where he talked on ZAT new competences in development of the technologies in the IoT field as well as the field of superstructure systems that are able to further analyze received data. At the same time he described how we follow trends and opportunities and where we direct development of new technologies in transport. „An interesting discussion was devoted to the topic which impact can transition to the hydrogen drive in case of the rail vehicles for dispatching control technology have. Currently we are producing and supplying both dispatching control technology and electronics of the vehicles for rail transport. If the vehicles based on new alternative fuels get to the market, we can say that thanks to the top development background and production we are in cooperation with manufacturers able to develop and supply the control units in the required industrial quality,“ adds Jan Šlais.

8.10. – IoT ERA 2019, Prague

Major topics of the conference were smart cities, Industry 4.0 and facility management. The motto of the conference was „IoT technology use cases for IoT techs“. Within the event we presented ZAT competences in this field and product SimONet. Our platform drew the visitors´ attention mainly thanks to its universality and possibility to display measured values in a simple way. The appreciated the fact that we are the only company presenting here do not have the goal just to qualitatively to process and visualize the data, but to use for more effective control of technological processes.

17.10. – Conference on communication and security technology, České Budějovice

We accelerate safely – this was the main topic of a professional conference held in České Budějovice in mid October. Our company presented here technologies for remote diagnostics and dispatching control technology. In the presentation we focused on superstructure of the DDTS Business intelligence system and SimONet when we showed on a real example work with obtained technological data and benefits for customers in the maintenance, operability and the costs related to operation of the equipment.

„At the conference, we presented for the professional public the possibilities and benefits of our technologies in the field of transport, IoT as well as competences in development and set up of the solutions within context of Industry 4.0. We have established new contacts, got information on the constructions to be performed and discussed on trends in development of market in transport and IoT,“ adds Václav Janoch, Director of the Smart systems division.

23.10. – Seminar Small modular reactors – Nuclear future

The public discussion under the title Small modular reactors – Nuclear future was held in the communication center of ÚJV Řež. There took part both home and foreign companies acting actively in the field of nuclear power engineering. The seminar was organized by the Institute for public discussion. The main topics were the possibility of future use of small modular reactors within energy mixture. There talked representatives of companies CV ÚJV Řež with technology Energy Wall and also two companies from the USA: GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy with technology BWRX-300 and company NuScale. Each of these companies is involved in development of small reactors of various power capacities and technologies. Representatives of both companies state that they assume the verification on experimental reactors including licensing to be performed in 2025 – 2030, then there could be started supplies for commercial use.

Our company is active in this field too. ZAT supplied to the Research center Řež control and protective system for small research reactor and other technologies for research and through that is the company contributing to the development of the reactor of the 4th generation. Currently we are also in cooperation with ŠKODA JS realizing a development order of a prototype system for control of experimental reactor.

„The participants of the conference came to the conclusion that SMR can be used as a reserve for the power plants and thermal plants dependent on supplies of coal, their gradual termination is expected in the following decades. It means that there is opening an interesting field for cooperation in theses projects for ZAT and other Czech suppliers,“ says Karel Stočes, Director of the Power Engineering Division.