Our control system SandRA will control desulphurization at Power Plant Melnik I

Our control system SandRA will control desulphurization at Power Plant Melnik I

This year we have won a contract for modernization of control system of the smoke combustion gas desulphurization at Power Plant Melnik I. „We are at the termination phase of acceptance tests and dispatching of the first part of control system to the client,“ says František Kural, Director of ZAT Energetics Division. At the same time we are manufacturing the low-voltage switchboards for company AF-Consult Czech Republic with which we realize the contract. The project is divided in two phases, final handover is planned for March 2020.

Power Plant Melnik I introduces new desulphurization of smoke combustion waste for six boilers. The method of wet limestone scrubber of smoke gases (BNG) will comply with new ecological requirements better than the existing technologies.   

Our system Sandra (Safe and Reliable Automation) will take charge of the control of desulphurization process. New architecture of control system includes HMI operator level ensuring operator´s contact with controlled technology and its control thanks to Wonderware platform. Process level is realized through control system SandRA Z200. Each of operating units such as limestone unloading, preparation of lime suspension, reactor and common part control, modification of initial gypsum products and its drainage etc. includes its own automated technology of the ZAT Z200 system. Individual control systems are from the communication point of view interconnected using redundant bus Ethernet. Data will be stored in SQL server for further processing of e.g. analyses or trend findings. Life time of the new control system for desulphurization is planned for at least further fifteen years. ZAT will also take charge of the service.

Our technology has been controlling most of the operating units at Power Plants Melnik for almost twenty years.

You can see acceptance tests in the photos.