Preventive measures on outbreak of Covid-19

Both we and you must have noticed a relatively fast outbreak of the disease Covid-19 in the last few days and the disease occurs in an increasingly bigger number of countries on almost all world continents.

Our company supplies technology and services to customers all around the world and individual realizations cannot be performed without the participation of our engineers and other cooperating persons.  

Without any panic yet with full responsibility we are continuously monitoring the course of the events and spread of the disease Covid-19 and we are continuously evaluating, even in cooperation with specialized doctors, possible risks, that would relate anyhow to our clients, employees, cooperating entities and subjects and of course our contracts.

In relation to the outbreak of the disease Covid-19 let us inform you that in the case respective authorities adopt the measures the subject of which is represented by persons or goods movement restrictions or adopt other measures and these restrictions or measures relating to our employees, suppliers, subsuppliers, clients cooperating entities or contracts, these measures may have impact on performance of the supplies realized by us.

In the case there occurs any of the restrictions or measures mentioned above in relation to the disease Covid-19 that would have any impact on the supplies realized by us, we will immediately inform you so that possible effects on the performance of our contracts are eliminated as much as possible.

We believe that the outbreak of the disease Covid-19 will be stopped and thus current situation will be calmed down, it is just a temporary state.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time in case of any inquiries on the above-mentioned issue.


Preventive measures for employees and for the operation of company ZAT:


  • All workplaces have been equipped with further disinfectant preparations and employees have been informed on the necessity to observe more strict hygienic rules.


  • Each visitor of ZAT is registered at the reception and he/she is obliged to sign a declaration that he/she has not arrived from the high-risk areas, is not in contact with persons quarantined and does not feel symptoms of respiratory disease.


  • Participation of the employees in all events joining together a lot of people lot is prohibited.


  • The employees have been recommended not to travel to the high-risk areas and in case they travel abroad, they are registered in an internal system.


  • After coming back from abroad the employees are informed whether the area they have visited belongs to the high-risk category. If so, they must immediately contact the respective hygiene office.  


  • All foreign business trips to the areas classified as the high-risk ones are prohibited.


  • For foreign business trips, the employees are provided with additional hygienic accessories (antibacterial gels, respirators).


  • The employees feeling the symptoms of the influenza disease are obliged not to come to work and to contact a doctor.