Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were interested in competencies of ZAT in nuclear energy

Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were interested in competencies of ZAT in nuclear energy

Within the preparation for the construction of the Dukovany II nuclear power plant, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) is also addressing the possibilities of involving Czech companies in its construction. "ZAT, as a major Czech and European I&C supplier for nuclear power plants, but also as a member of the Czech Power Industry Alliance, has been involved in the preparation of the Dukovany II power plant project from the very beginning. You have had several negotiations with potential technology suppliers for Dukovany II and you are in contact with them. You know both their projects and your possibilities to become their subcontractors and partners," said Tomáš Ehler, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade for the Management of the Nuclear Energy Section before the visit.

Meetings took place in the first half of June at the company's headquarters in Příbram and the main topic was ZAT's competencies in the completion of new nuclear blocks, including findings from interviews with potential suppliers of new nuclear power source in the Czech Republic, especially in terms of targeting support from the MIT for Czech industry. Jan Prášil, Director of the Strategy, Research, and International Cooperation in Nuclear Energy Department, also visited ZAT together with Tomáš Ehler.

At the beginning of the visit, we presented to the representatives of the Ministry the development of ZAT control systems during the 60 years of the company's history, we gave them a tour through newly equipped premises for the production of industrial electronics and the production of supplies with modern technical and technological equipment. During the presentation, we acquainted the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the profile of our company and introduced technical means in the form of the SandRA control system for the implementation of safety and hazard functions, including competencies and products for nuclear energy in the country and abroad. Subsequently, we focused on current information on the state of preparations for the construction of new nuclear blocks in the Czech Republic and discussed our readiness and possibilities to apply ZAT supplies to individual applicants for the construction of new nuclear power sources (NPS) in the Czech Republic.

At the end of the visit, Tomáš Ehler stated that ZAT is a constantly developing company with the necessary competencies in the field of control systems for nuclear energy and greatly acknowledged our readiness for the implementation of NPS.

ZAT has many years of competencies and know-how in the supply of control systems to the primary and secondary part of nuclear power plants, our systems run at 10% of nuclear power plants in the world, including all Czech and Slovak nuclear power blocks.