See what attracted Summer Meet-up 2020 visitors most

See what attracted Summer Meet-up 2020 visitors most

It is becoming a tradition that at the end of the summer we organize an event called Summer Meet-up - this year under the name Testing Room from A to ZAT. In one day, we present our customers with news from the field of IoT technologies built on the SandRA and SimONet platforms, as well as news from the fields of transport, gas industry, industrial systems and complex software solutions. And there was a lot to see this year as well.

The third year of the Summer Meet-up event took place thematically in the testing room of ZAT control systems in Pilsen. We have prepared six stands for our customers and guests, of whom there were more than fifty. Probably the most frequented place was the green couch, which many of you know from the online conference Zoom At Technology, which we regularly broadcast in English in February. And it wasn't just because it is very comfortable couch. We placed a sensor above it, which transmitted real-time information about the occupancy of the couch using a temperature map. Everyone could see their image from the thermal sensor on the TV screen (see photo). Our colleagues thus clearly presented the use of indoor monitoring using InfraGrid technology. It is a camera-free system that can evaluate the occupancy of rooms and monitor the indoor climate. "This module is built on the SimONet platform and is designed for monitoring indoor spaces in inpatient facilities - HealtCare, as well as in company premises, kindergartens, schools, offices, etc.," says Michaela Vlčková, head of the Data Analysis and Monitoring technical group.

Cybersecurity wherever you look

Visitors could feel like in the movie Mission: Impossible at the gas industry stand. Our colleagues prepared for them a demonstration of security of our control system against a cyber-attack, with the working title "Shoot SandRa down". With a fake cyber-attack, they tried to cause a collapse of the SandRA control system (short for Safe and Reliable Automation). As the name suggests, the mission was really impossible compared to the film. "Visitors very appreciated the way in which the SandRA control system is secured against cyber-attacks. We explained to them that without these requirements and functions, we would not be able to implement important projects in the gas industry, for example. Their constructions, from the state’s point of view, are considered as a critical infrastructure," explains Tomáš Bauer, the group's leader. ZAT also implements IoT technology in the gas industry segment. At the event, we presented visitors with a new IoTEx module and a demonstration of IoT measurement at the gas station, which is used to transfer data from the gas flow.

Closely Watched Dispatching

Dispatching for railway control, for nuclear and conventional power plants…, thus for many fields and from various technologies. ZAT simply can visualize on various SCADA systems. This was also demonstrated at this year's Summer Meet-up. Specific examples of visualizations were prepared on the Wonderware, Control Web and Reliance platforms. "The alpha omega of the stand was the presentation of innovations in dispatching control technology in the field of transportation, where the dominant customer is the Správa železnic (Railroad Administration). The visitors were also enthusiastic about the demonstration of the non-traditional solution of the dispatch centres in the field of nuclear energy," says Adam Heller, who focused on visitors interested in this topic. An integral part of the stand were models of retro trains, which attracted almost every guest.

Intelligent industrial systems

At the Intelligent industrial systems stand, visitors tried out to "passage" themselves in a simulation of the control of the lock chamber, which is part of the operator's workplace for the control of water works. Visitors were curious about the security of the water chamber control against the possibility of human error. Colleagues clearly presented security precautions on several levels in accordance with standards.

Visitors were also interested in examples of online data transmission from a running biogas plant and implementation in various fields where we deploy our control systems. "Mostly, clients know us only from the perspective of their industry, where we supply. Several customers were surprised at how many fields ZAT deals with, from nuclear energy, railways, gas industry to the development of custom software," says Kristýna Seidlová from the Smart Systems division of ZAT. According to her, customers were also very interested in our solution for biogas plants, where we together with a partner company are able to provide a complete reconstruction of the biogas plant from input analysis through optimization of input raw materials and its processing to reconstruction or replacement of the control system.

Complex software solutions

Of course, Summer Meet-up did not go without our youngest field, which is the custom software development. Our colleagues prepared presentations of fulfilled orders and currently developed applications for the visitors, including a comprehensive set of competencies of the custom software development. They also introduced the functionalities with which we innovate our applications, cloud functionalities, interactive push notifications, mobile applications connected to medical devices and user-friendly responsive application design. And what attracted customers the most in this part? "In addition to discussions about applications, there was often a talk of the need for a deeper analysis of obtained data from the systems developed at ZAT. We have confirmed the correctness of the planned universal platform for data analytics, on which we are currently working hard, and which will be an important part of the ZAT product portfolio,” explains Ladislav Kopecký from the Custom Software Development technical group.

"I am glad that the meeting with our customers and partners was successful this year as well, and that our technological solutions on the SimONet and SandRA platforms met with such great customer interest. We are already implementing new projects on both platforms, "says Václav Janoch, director of the Smart Systems division, under whose auspices the event took place. The interest in SimONet is also reflected in the increase in the volume of orders in the last year.

Within the Summer Meet-up event, all hygienic measures currently required for this type of event were applied.