See what we are preparing for the 3rd annual virtual conference Zoom At Technology

See what we are preparing for the 3rd annual virtual conference Zoom At Technology

7 days, 7 hours, 7 topics – this is the main motto of our online conference Zoom At Technology, which this year will be divided into seven one-hour webinars that will be broadcast from mid-February to mid-March 2021 in Czech and English. 

And what can you look forward to? "We want to analyze the individual fields of our competences in more depth and present the direction of their development and not only in the field of control systems and IoT technologies. Customers who know us may be surprised by other areas that ZAT is purposefully developing, especially in IoT technologies and so-called telemedicine. These webinars will be very interesting, and I recommend watching them,” says Vladislava Česáková, member of the ZAT Board of Directors.

The ambition of the webinars is to present and discuss with the participants in the live broadcast current news and directions of development of a specific field in the Czech Republic, specifications in the EU and third world countries and to share opinions and experiences.

We have prepared the following topics for you:

  • Changes in the structure of the energy mix in favor of RES – the first webinar starts on 16 February 2021. It will be focused on the growth of renewable energy sources in the world, when and why the change took place and what are the possibilities of success of technology companies during the rule of water, sun and wind.

  • Ecology in practice on sources in conventional power generation – 18 February 2021. With the diversion of EU countries from coal incineration, waste recovery is becoming a priority.  Find out how ZAT can help you adapt to legislation, not just in the European Union. 

  • Energy from A to Z - the path of energy from source to consumer – 23 February 2021. Reliable management of distribution networks, efficient diagnostics and automated data management are crucial, and at the same time it brings a number of savings. Find out what it is about.

  • From the technician to the manager thanks to clearly visualized data – 25 February 2021. Experts will focus on the possibilities of data processing from various sources, their visualization and use for operational management or strategy creation.

  • Smart management of buildings and businesses – 2 March 2021. Are you interested in how to reduce the operating costs of your offices or buildings, how to increase the quality of the indoor environment or how to easily manage their occupancy?

  • Healthcare of the 21st century – 4 March 2021. The current situation has accelerated the development of telemedicine. Find out how latest e-health technologies contribute to more efficient healthcare management and expand your product and service portfolio with innovative products and solutions.

  • Come with us to manage nuclear resources safely and reliably – 9 March 2021. Finally, the top topic from the nuclear resources point of view, which is an unforgettable source of energy due to its clean and safe operation. One of the directions is the development and use of small modular reactors - will they become a reality in every city?

The online broadcast will take the form of hourly webinars twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from February 16 to March 9, 2021 on the Zoom At Technology website. Participation in the webinars is free.

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Last year's online conference was watched by experts from almost 100 countries around the world. The photos from last year's online conference are below.