Small modular reactors are topical for us

Small modular reactors are topical for us

Company ZAT supplies its control systems not only for primary and secondary circuits of nuclear power pants. On a long-term basis it also focuses on development and realization of projects for small and experimental nuclear reactors. Control systems made by our developers are set up e.g. on small experimental reactor at Research Centre Řež, at the same time we participate in development of prototype of the system for control of small modular reactor for American continent.

Therefore we cannot have missed the 5th annual conference SMR 2019 (Small Modular Reactors).

The international conference was organized by company EventEra in cooperation with Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. Main topic was represented by reactors for heat industry and non-electric applications.

„At the conference we obtained current information on development of small modular reactors which are considered alternative to large nuclear reactors. Together with our partners we also discussed further possibilities of cooperation in supply of safety and non-safety control systems for control of technology of small reactors,“ says Karel Stočes, Director of the Energetics Division.  

Besides the reactors for heating there was also mentioned desalination and high-temperature reactors for production of technological heat. There were interesting papers by experts from Institute of Nuclear Research Řež, Research Centre Řež, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and companies ALVEL or NUVIA.

There also presented experts from Denmark, India, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, Russia as well as from IAEA.