Supplies of ZAT control systems for hydropower engineering

Supplies of ZAT control systems for hydropower engineering

Water is from the power engineering point of view still globally the most significant renewable source of energy. Currently, there are being built around 3700 hydropower engineering projects in the world. Even though the geographic conditions in the middle and eastern Europe do not enable to use water sources in the same way as in Asia or South America, in the scope of the planned diversion from coal it is an important renewable source of electric energy production both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.   

Company ZAT belongs to major suppliers of control systems in power engineering. The company develops and sets up products for construction and modernization of the inspection and control systems for hydropower plants. „The opportunities for our supplies are of different kinds and mainly depend on the clients´ requirements. We are experienced in this field enough to be able to direct them to the method of reconstruction suitable for them. For example in the form of migration of a part of the control system or a suitable form of guaranteed service with the possibility of re-design of the most problematic parts of automation means,“ says František Kural, manager of the conventional engineering segment.

ZAT offers the turnkey projects, i.e. as a general contractor of construction as well as partial supplies of the products applying a compact solution of process stations.  

In the first group, there belongs e.g. modernization of hydropower plant Lipno I where ZAT realizes complex supply starting from design, set up of robust DCS system SandRA Z200, compact controllers, phasing and local control stations up to putting into operation and warranty and post-warranty service. „Thanks to the compact and the made-to-measure solutions we are able to satisfy even the partial requirements of the clients from the field of renewable sources of energy. We offer them the possibility to take part in the supplies, assembly and putting into operation of their future equipment,“ adds František Kural. The advantages of such model are clear – end user is directly responsible for the operations that are „fixed in his hands“. At the moment of putting into operation they are able, under supervision of the ZAT specialists, to configure the equipment by themselves, to service it as well and to operate the equipment in a qualified and effective way. At the same time they can apply their own qualified workers. By using their knowledge the operation becomes more effective and the costs for spare parts and service, in general, get decreased. It means that they are inexpensive solutions meeting all the requirements for accuracy and speed of response to the unit set up and supply of electric energy. ZAT is experienced in this segment, supply of compact equipment is a common part of the realized projects.


ZAT compact controllers:

Z110 AVR – excitation compact controller

Z110 DSD  - phaser

Z110 OZSS – synchronization of the turbine rotating equipment

Z210 – communication bridge and control of technologies, e.g. in transport, gas industry but also in other technological fields, e.g. in power engineering

Z211 – innovation in the line of compact controllers – compact controller of rotating machines, mainly hydro turbines and steam turbines of minor power capacity