We are improving safety in rail and road transport with the innovation of our DDTS application

We are improving safety in rail and road transport with the innovation of our DDTS application

Can you imagine how many systems are necessary for the smooth running of a station or who checks the functions when there is no staff on site? For these and many other reasons, the rail transport sector has demanded the introduction of a system for remote supervision of the functionality of these systems (DDTS) and their unattended operation.

How does DDTS work?

Information from the individual technological systems such as lighting, radio, cameras, information boards, electric switch heating, air conditioning, air-handling, etc., is pooled in integration concentrators (SandRA Z210 control system) at the given railway stations. These are connected via a data network to the integration servers. These are connected to the client workstations and control rooms. As a result, the responsible personnel have all the up-to-date information at their disposal, which they can view at any time and react quickly and efficiently to situations that arise.

Automatic creation of DDTS applications

ZAT has been involved in the field of remote diagnostics of technological systems since 2012. We invest over 30 million crowns in development every year. This year, we have also focused on innovating this system. One of the requirements was the automatic creation of DDTS applications so that we can respond to customer requirements as quickly as possible.

Previously, programmers created the DDTS application manually, i.e. they manually connected the signals from the technologies to the displayed elements in the application. This was not only time-consuming, but also created the possibility of errors. As part of the development requirement, we launched DDTS Asist, an auxiliary software for automatic creation of DDTS applications. The new software is able to take data from the database, link it to elements in the visualization and then automatically create the appropriate visualization windows including the alarm tree. The dispatcher is then automatically alerted to, for example, a switch heating failure, which has a major impact on operational safety.

The DDTS Asist diagnostic system is designed for use in rail and road transport. Currently, our DDTS application is used for example by dispatching centers in cities Plzeň, České Budějovice, Ústí nad Labem or Hradec Králové.

For more information, please contact Milan Hucl, Director of Smart Systems Division.