We are replacing the control system at the Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Plant

We are replacing the control system at the Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Plant

The SandRA Synergy control system will be implemented at yet another hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic. Our colleagues from the Power Engineering Division have signed a contract for the supply of the ZAT control system for controlling generator G1 and G2, common machine hall, secondary voltage regulation, communication and common aboveground technologies at the Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Plant. The project consists in the migration of previous-generation ZAT control systems to the new DCS system SandRA Synergy. The project shall be completed in December 2020. The control system replacement will improve the regulation properties of the power plant and extend its lifespan.

Within a short period of time, it is the second project in the field of hydroelectric power industry to be implemented by ZAT for ČEZ, the power plant owner. “In 2018, acting as the general contractor, we handed over into operation the refurbished Lipno I power plant, where we had executed a complete replacement of the instrumentation and control system as well as of the electrical part, including, for instance, the new power plant control room equipment,” says František Kural, Sales Manager of the Power Engineering Division.

Also thanks to ZAT, the Lipno I Hydroelectric Power Plant is now completely unmanned and, at the same time, it is equipped with one of the fastest network-connection systems in the field of hydropower industry. The control system is exceptional in terms of its user friendliness and reliability upon frequent unit start-ups and shutdowns, often performed several times a day according to the actual network needs.  

New technologies

For the above-mentioned purposes, the company has placed a compact turbine regulator SandRA Z211 CTC on the market. It is a solution for small power output turbines. Its advantages primarily consist in easy and quick installation, low price and the same calculation output as provided by robust systems. The technology is currently being implemented by ZAT at the Slovak Gabčíkovo hydroelectric power plant.  

Solution for small-scale waterworks

Apart from robust DCS systems, ZAT also newly implements partial solutions for individual water work technological systems. The technologies relate, for example, to ship transportation – so called lock gates helping ships overcome the water level difference at water works, or to technologies controlling weir gates that regulate the water level in dams and thereby also in rivers, etc.

ZAT thus offers to its customer high-quality solutions for controlling water works and their technologies not only locally but also abroad.

The Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Plant belongs to the Vltava Cascade.  It includes 2 x 1.9MW power units with horizontal Kaplan turbines. Besides the outlet from the Hněvkovice Hydroelectric Power Plant, the plant also processes water of the Lužnice river. Furthermore, controlled waste water from the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant is discharged into the plant intake. Its operation is controlled automatically by means of water level regulation and it is monitored in the Vltava Cascade central control room in Štěchovice.   


Source of photos: ČEZ, a.s.