We are starting systematic testing on covid-19 in our company

We are starting systematic testing on covid-19 in our company

Since the beginning of the pandemic, ZAT has taken a responsible approach to reducing the risks associated with the spread of coronavirus. We performed random testing during the previous year with the use of dedicated entities.

Today we started a pilot testing of groups of employees to verify the set system at all our workplaces. From next week, we will launch systematic testing to meet government requirements. Employees who come to the workplace every day will be tested at weekly intervals in groups, test days for employees in the production plant are set for Tuesday and Wednesday. Employees working mainly from home will always be tested before entering the workplace.

"Our effort is to use Czech self-test kits, even if they are associated with higher financial costs. Testing is not new in our country. As a result of deliveries to critical infrastructure, we have been performing PCR tests on some of our employees since the spring of last year, as they are usually necessary for entering the customer's workplace. We pay for these tests in full, "says Vladislava Česáková, a member of the ZAT Board of Directors.

Our company established crisis measures against the spread of coronavirus early in March 2020. These measures were managed by the crisis staff for almost the whole year. Their effectiveness is also evidenced by the fact that for the whole year only one employee out of 350 working in three plants in Příbram, Pilsen and Benešov became infected at the workplace.

An overview of measures in the company ZAT can be viewed here: Updated measures against the spread of Covid-19 - ZAT