We develop IT solution for healthcare, an example is the appreciated HealthPlus application

We develop IT solution for healthcare, an example is the appreciated HealthPlus application

ZAT is not only a producer of control systems for the power and other industries. Following the trend of IoT technologies development, our youngest division of Smart Systems also focuses on the development of solutions in this field. For instance, in 2018, we placed on the market our successfully implemented platform SimONet for wireless data collection and transmission, which is used not only in the industry and transportation. In healthcare, for example, the platform is also suitable for monitoring hospital rooms and movement of patients.   

ZAT for healthcare 

As far as healthcare is concerned, our company offers complex services starting from development and production of medical devices (we have developed and placed on the market our therapeutic device StimSmart) over development of custom software up to our competences in medical products certification according to newly introduced MDR (Medical Device Regulation) legislation. 

Within the frame of development of software services, such as custom software or development of independent ERP superstructures, ZAT strengthened its team by approximately 30 top software developers in the last year. They are the authors of an appreciated-by-experts mobile application for the Program Health Plus private clinic, being the leader in the development of e-Health support of its clients on the global scale.   

Mobile application HealthPlus 

The Program Health Plus company had been searching for a partner to help them develop and enable safe but still easy access to medical reports, examination results and recommended medicaments to its clients, as well as to enable them manage the dates of their planned appointments  and even solve certain health issues at a distance without seeing the doctor. 

„Our task was to develop an application that would be in line with the current design and safety standards required for mobile solutions development. The application is based on secured communication with information systems of Program Health Plus. It also uses a system of push notifications for various announcements and information provided to the application users,” adds Jaroslav Hrdinka, head of the Custom Software Development of ZAT. 

User friendliness of the solution, innovativeness and complexity of services has been appreciated not only by the healthcare facility clients. The mobile application won a prize for the innovative solution of 2019 at the Czech Digi Med Award. At the Czech Top 100, Oldřich Šubrt, founder of Program Health Plus, received a certificate in the special category of Information and Communication Technologies for contribution in the field of medicine digitization.   

Custom software development

„One of the strategic goals of ZAT is to develop and enhance software services relating to the data processing and presentation on state-of-the art platforms. The above mentioned include, among other, process visualizations, user interfaces, development of smart systems and big data handling. These are the competences we offer to our clients not only as superstructures to our control systems but also as independent development of their software solutions,“ adds  Václav Janoch, Director of the Smart Systems Division.  

Picture source: pixabay.com