We enhance our competences in the field of information technologies, we have bought Definity Systems

We enhance our competences in the field of information technologies, we have bought Definity Systems


Company ZAT, top Czech producer of control systems for power engineering and industry, enhances its competences in the field of information technologies. The company has incorporated a subsidiary company Definity Systems in its structure by January 1st 2019.

„Through this we react to development of market towards Industry 4.0 and to our customer´s requirements. From company extension we expect increase of competitiveness and opportunity to get contracts in new branches,“ says Ivo Tichý, member of ZAT Board of Directors.

Definity Systems has been active in the field of information technologies for twenty years. It focuses on custom software development as well as on creation of independent extensions of corporate systems, from which the clients obtain additional information as well as functions for company analyses, development and management. It also develops applications in the field of IoT technologies. „These are the competences that we requested for acquisition in search for a suitable partner. One of ZAT strategic goals is to develop and enhance software services related to data processing and presenting on modern platforms. And the Definity Systems competences meet our requirements,“ adds Vladislava Česáková, member of ZAT Board of Directors. It deals e.g. with process visualization, user´s interface, development of smart systems and work with big data.

According to Vladislava Česáková it is a synergic connection. Thanks to accession of Definity Systems to joint-stock company ZAT its customers, partners and employees can expect environment of a strong company, strengthening its position in the market and gaining new know-how for its current and new contracts.

„In the first half of this year we will focus on incorporation of a part of the Definity Systems development team in the projects of ZAT IoT technology development. They are mainly development of technical devices and superstructural work with data on systems of SandRA Synergy or a new platform SimONet. Current projects for major clients of company Definity Systems will keep going without any changes and will remain a part of the company. The teams will keep working on them on a long-term basis,“ adds Ivo Tichý.

ZAT through the acquisition acquires cca 30 employees, mostly programmers, to reach in total 350 employees. The company on a long-term basis employs 80 percent of professionals with either secondary or university level of education.

Jont-stock company ZAT is a world top supplier of control systems for power engineering and industry. It focuses on development, production and installation of control systems for demanding industrial processes with emphasis on safety and life time of control systems. In our sphere of operation we belong to leaders in the field of both nuclear and conventional power engineering, industry, railway systems, gas industry and smart systems. It is active in 60 countries in the world at the moment. ZAT control systems and know-how are set up at 10 percent of nuclear power plants around the world and at 30 percent of them in European Union. The company belongs to founders of automation in the world and it is the Czech company with the longest history in this branch. Standard annual turnover is around three quarters of a billion CZK.

Customers, partners and also employees of both companies will benefit from incorporation of Definity Systems as a ZAT subsidiary. From the significant enhancement of development team can ZAT clients expect extension of products in the field of IoT technologies and superstructure applications of control system SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation) by sophisticated data processing and their application for managerial control of individual technologies as well as wide technological units of the energy production unit type.

The transaction was mediated by company Roklen Corporate Finance providing complex consultancy services in the field of acquistions and mergers in cooperation with law firms Havel & Partners and David & Macek.