We have completed another important project in the gas industry

We have completed another important project in the gas industry

ZAT belongs to strategic suppliers of control systems for the gas industry. Last month, the Smart Systems division successfully completed another important production and implementation project for NET4GAS, a long-term business partner of our company.   

The scope of supply included elaboration of extensive implementation documentation and refurbishment of the control system including complete testing. The project was concluded with complex tests and inspections at the distribution node of the gas regulation station in Rozvadov.  The respective contract was signed in the last month of 2019, the work was handed over at the end of March 2020.

“In the gas industry, we primarily implement extensive projects where individual requirements of our customers, for instance for cyber security of control stations or for provision of communications and tools security, must often be fulfilled. Our control systems are very well prepared for their implementation in critical infrastructure sectors and we guarantee the required safety and reliability to our clients in the long term,“ says Václav Janoch, Director of Smart Systems Division of ZAT.

ZAT is currently working on projects for several other gas distribution companies in the Czech Republic. Its scope of supplies covers the entire life cycle of a control system, from its implementation up to after-warranty service. The interesting projects include, for example, the implementation of a distribution control room or the taken-over service of telemetric stations.   

Control system SandRA

ZAT disposes a state-of-the-art control system SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation) of its fourth generation which ranks it among the leading suppliers of these technologies not only locally but also in Europe.

SandRA is a Distributed Control System class system designed for demanding fields of industry with high requirements for reliability and long lifespan of control systems.