We have created planning laboratory software for a leading manufacturer of car air conditioners

We have created planning laboratory software for a leading manufacturer of car air conditioners

One of the main priorities of Denso Manufacturing Czech s.r.o., which supplies air conditioning units for cars of global brands, is to achieve the highest level of quality and safety of its products. It is for this purpose that the company decided to implement planning laboratory software that would eliminate manual work, and the associated error rate, and directly help increase the efficiency and quality of testing. This special "tailor-made" software was supplied by ZAT.

The planning software is a specialized system that provides a complete process of fully automatic tests planning from resource management and operator capacity planning through the types of individual tests to a complete workflow of requests when planning the testing of a new air conditioning sample.

A key feature of the software we created is the automatic creation of test plans for the compressor's functionality according to the parameters specified by the customer. "We have implemented a complex heuristic algorithm. Based on the data entered by the operator, the system selects the optimal solution from several hundred variants, primarily taking into account the priority of the project, the cost of the test and the capacity of the equipment and staff. The company thus acquired a modern and fully automatic planning system, thanks to which they will perform the maximum number of tests at a given time with regard to the set priorities, ”says Jaroslav Hrdinka, head of the ZAT Custom Development expert group.

The original solution

Test planning at Denso Manufacturing Czech was originally performed in the form of Excel spreadsheets and the Lotus Notes application. Due to the fact that it was manual work, there was a risk of easy entry of an error into the plan or its lengthy manual rework in case of change and the optimization was insufficient.

Other benefits of the new solution:  

  • facilitating the monitoring of test costs, or projects,
  • central management of data related to test planning,
  • easy planning of test order, including the possibility of simple editing (by adding / removing new test requests),
  • automatic consideration of outages and shutdowns of test equipment and their capacities - including consideration of holidays, weekends, etc. 

Denso Manufacturing Czech is a leading European manufacturer of air conditioning units and their components for car brands such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki and other.  

The decision of such an important company to use ZAT competencies in the field of modern software development to support the achievement of its goals is a confirmation of the capabilities and quality of our company's supplies.