We have published economic results, we have got significantly strengthened in new segments

We have published economic results, we have got significantly strengthened in new segments

Company ZAT has published economic results for fiscal year 2018. If you are free for a while, you can read this text, it includes strategies of our company development.


Company ZAT, supplier of intelligent control systems for power engineering and industry, has published its economic results for fiscal year 2018. „We have just completed a successful year, volume of revenues exceeded 700 mil. CZK. There was increase in all market segments, especially Smart Systems Division, i.e. new technologies from the field of Industry 4.0,“ says Ivo Tichý, member ZAT Board of Directors.

In the field of smart systems the company has almost doubled its increase, level of revenues reached 75 mil. CZK an a new trade was record of 117,8 mil. CZK. „ZAT has been on a long-term basis focusing on development of intelligent control systems. Last year we launched a new platform SimONet ensuring wireless data collection, transfer and processing using IoT network. Among company strategic goals there ranks development of software services related to processing of a big amount of data and their presentation on modern information platforms. Just because of that we by 1 January this year incorporated a subsidiary company Definity Systems that focuses on development of IoT technologies. Through this we want to enhance our competences and to offer our clients new intelligent systems,“ adds Vladislava Česáková, member ZAT Board of Directors.   

Steady position in nuclear industry     

Nuclear power engineering is a stabile strong point of ZAT supplies. In this segment the company realized revenues in the volume of 400 mil CZK. To important contracts there belong completion of modernization of four units VVER 440 at nuclear power plant Paks I in Hungary, replacement of reactor control rod mechanism on the second unit of nuclear power plant Mochovce in Slovakia or modernization of computer information system on another unit of nuclear power plant Dukovany. At the moment there have been ZAT control systems set up on 32 units of power plants in seven countries in Europe and Asia.

Control systems also for expreimental and small reactors       

ZAT develops, manufactures and sets up control systems both for large reactors type VVER 440, VVER 1000 and VVER 1200 and for small reactors and related nuclear technologies. „We supply complex solutions for safe and reliable control of entire power plant of big as well as small power capacity. At the same time we set up our systems in small and experimental reactors, currently for example we are working on development of prototype control system of regulation fuel assemblies for experimental reactor for American market,“ adds Karel Stočes, Director of Power Enegineering Division. In his opinion the company would like to participate in major reconstructions or construction of new nuclear units at home and all around the world. At the same time the company will apply know-how from control of large unit technologies in products for the university, experimental and small modular reactors.

Focused on renewable sources

The conventional power engineering segment has been on a long-term basis going through change. We keep supplying our solutions for big sources type thermal power plants or heating plants. However, at the same time we are aiming at the field of renewable sources such as hydro power plants, geothermal or solar plants where we would like to set up our solutions of compact controllers for small turbines and activation of synchronous generators,“ says Ivo Tichý. As for water engineering company ZAT being general supplier set up control system at hydro power plant Lipno I last year. This plant is newly fully automated, it also has one of the fastest network connecting systems in the field of hydro power engineering in the world.

Among further successful projects from last year there rank supplies for Power plant Opatovice, C-Energy in Planá nad Lužnicí or for Heating plant Náchod. As far as foreign projects are concerned, we can mention replacement of control system at power plants Felton in Cuba or Empalme II in Mexico. „Last year we were working on more than one hundred projects where we set up systems of DCS, turbine regulation and protection, generator excitation systems and a lot of auxiliary control systems including ensuring service support,“ says František Kural, manager responsible for segment of conventional power engineering. Interest in ZAT control systems in this segment is also confirmed through the figures – the company achieved revenues amounted up to 130 mil. CZK.

This year the company wants to aim at development and set up of products in the field of services for source part of power engineering or products for energy distribution such as accumulation, controlling as well as wireless data transfer. „We also expect increase in ratio of foreign projects, mainly at traditional territories such as Slovakia, Poland, Cuba or Scandinavia,“ adds Ivo Tichý.

Development of intelligent control systems

As we have already mentioned, the newest division Smart Systems made a significant increase in revenues and new trade last year. „Within long-term strategy we focus on develpment of new products especially in the field of IoT technologies. New platform SimONet also completed platform SandRA and increases ZAT supplies through technologies of Industry 4.0,“ says Václav Janoch, Director of Smart Systems Division. The company wants to offer SimONet even for wireless monitoring of product pipelines and monitoring o buildings. In Janoch´s opinion it thus meets clients´ requirements for data collection and archiving itself as well as for complex supplies including visualization.

Smart Systems Division revenues

In the field of smart systems the company focuses on three key segments: transport, gas industry and industrial systems. In fiscal year 2018 the revenues in transport and industrial systems doubled, in gas industry the increased by more than 70 percent. Service in all fields created 10 percent from total volume of revenues of 75 mil. CZK, which is almost 100% increase compared to last year. Contracts in the fields of transport and gas industry formed more than one half of revenues. „This year we want to conclude further big contracts for supplies and service to controlling centers as well as telemetric stations,“ says Václav Janoch.   

Development in IoT technologies

Company ZAT has at its disposal a high-quality R&D center in Příbram, the technology of which controls demanding industrial processes in almost 70 countries in the world. In the field of transport the center wants in cooperation with the colleagues from subsidiary Definity Systems develop software tools to increase level of automated production and testing of key products. In the field of gas industry the company will continuously innovate products for telemetric stations using the technologies of Industry 4.0. As for intelligent industrial systems the company wants to aim at set up of products for ecologization of water management and replacement of control systems at biogas stations namely on the basis of last year successful realization in Starosedlský Hrádek.

Innovations in control system SandRA

SandRA Synergy is a modern control system class Distributed Control System (DCS) created from components of platform SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation) and software tools. It is the fourth generation of control system made by ZAT developers.

ZAT was focusing on development of electronic components for control regulation mechanisms of small experimental reactor with power capacity of 50 MW when elaborating this platform. This experience can be applied in developing control systems for small energy modular reactors. In case of big reactors type VVER 1200 ZAT together with ŠKODA JS was participating in development of new, already patented system of position measurement of control rods.

For the field of smaller energy sources the company launched a new product Compact turbine controller intended for control of all types of turbines, i.e. steam, hydro and wind with power capacity of tens MW. The company would like to continue in developing compact devices, e.g. through innovation of already launched product Excitation controller of synchronous generators.

It is ZAT long-term concept to increase cyber security of control system SandRA both in the field of securing system SW of control stations and in the field of design tool Pertinax intended for creation of application SW. The company invests more than 30 mil. CZK in R&D.

Manufacture of industrial electronic components

Company ZAT has at its disposal high quality technical and technological equipment for production of industrial electronic components both for its own purposes and for external customers´ requirements (under the title EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services). „In case for external customers you can find our products mainly in electric locomotives, high-speed trains, trolleybuses and also in technologies for remote transfer of energy HVDC. A part of the production is in the high-voltage indicators but also in medical devices that ZAT produces,“ adds Vladimír Pikard, Director of the Industrial Electronics Division. Our customers are e.g. in South Korea, China and of course in Europe. The Industrial Electronics Division ended up last fiscal year successfully again when revenues for external customers (EMS) reached 91,4 mil. CZK and a new trade 111,5 mil CZK.

There was also increase in th field of manufacture of switchboard cabinets. In fiscal year 2018 the company produced 274 of them, which is year-on-year increase by 54 percent. „Among our major customers there rank Armenian power plant Metsamor, conventional power plant Felton in Cuba or Power plant Mělník in the Czech Republic,“ says Martin Brašna, Director of Manufacture of Product Division. In this year the company plans further steps in digitalization of production and more effective processes in some of supporting operations.

Manufacturer of medical devices      

Company ZAT is mainly famous as a supplier of intelligent control systems for demanding industrial processes with emphasis on their safety and reliability. At the same time it is a complex supplier of innovative and individual solutions and services for health care and a certified manufacturer of medical devices including all related processes. „We are a member of Association of manufacturers and suppliere of medical devices. Last fiscal year we realized production and sale of medical devices to Russian Federation, Slovakia and Slovenia amounted up to 50 mil CZK,“ adds Roman Plavec, Director of Medical Division.

ZAT future           

ZAT develops intelligent systems and technologies in context of Industry 4.0 for all branches that it is focusing on. Control system SandRA, that is currently in the half of its life cycle, has ben successfully set up in hundreds of realizations all over the world. „We plan further expansion mainly on foreign markets. At the moment we have volume of prepared or valid offers at the level of 10 bil. CZK. We are ready for company development. For the last few years we have invested 400 mil. CZK in development of technical and technological equipment and we are ready for further 30 years of operation. We have determined long-term vision till 2062 in such a way that in the year of the 100th anniversary of company establishment ZAT will have been a successful and sought after company with advanced control and intelligent systems,“ concludes Vladislava Česáková.