We have published economic results, we keep on focusing on development of intelligent systems

We have published economic results, we keep on focusing on development of intelligent systems

Our company ZAT, supplier of intelligent control systems for power engineering and industry, has published its economic results for fiscal year 2017. In the mentioned period we achieved the turnover amounted up to 622,9 millions CZK. „It is a standard commercial result of the company with a better profit as for percentage thanks to higher added value of contracts,“ says Vladislava Česáková, member of ZAT Board of Directors. Total share of foreign trade was 60 percent.

Elaborated, yet not invoiced contracts are a significant indicator reflecting potential of ZAT future productivity. It means that this indicator represents certain source of labour and performance for next period of time. By end of fiscal year 2017 31 March 2018 its value was 883 million CZK.

The biggest share was generated by the nuclear engineering segment where we succeeded in realizing contracts in the volume of 401,7 million CZK, which is 65 percent of the entire company volume. Conventional power engineering segment achieved volume of the turnover of almost 104 million CZK. The youngest field – Smart systems division – realized the turnover of almost 40 million CZK, production of industrial electronics made contracts for 76,4 million CZK.


Orientation on foreign markets

Company ZAT is still more and more successful in winning contracts on foreign markets. Two years ago we launched on market a new safety control system for nuclear power industry SandRA Z100, which at the moment ranks among the most modern systems of its kind on market. In the field of nuclear power engineering we realize a contract in Hungary, France, Slovakia as well as at home, newly also in Finland and Armenia. „Thanks to these contracts we keep increasing not only our technical competences but also the legislative ones including the licensing capabilities pursuant to the requirements of state nuclear institutions in given countries. This way we belong to top world players in the field and we are still more and more successful in applying our control systems on world market,“ adds Ivo Tichý, member of ZAT Board of Directors.

In the field of conventional power engineering has the company realized new contracts e.g. in Indonesia and neighbouring Poland. In the Czech Republic our important clients are Elektrárny Opatovice, power plant Mělník or hydropower plant Lipno I, that is fully automated and has one the fastest system of connecting to network thanks to the new ZAT technology.  Conventional power engineering division succedded last year in realizing of more than 160 contracts.

Other fields of activity  

ZAT focuses on development and realization of intelligent control systems that are aimed outside power industry as well. Smart systems division, that is in charge of this field, achieved the turnover of 40 million CZK during last fiscal year. Nearly a half of it was the turnover from transport, 10 millions in the field of gas industry, the others were covered by services. „There has significantly increased a new trade, last year we concluded contracts amounted up to 80 million CZK,“ adds Ivo Tichý. innogy Czech Republi, SŽDC or Net4Gas are important users of ZAT solutions.    

New courses of development

Internet of things (IoT) is a new phenomenon that has penetrated even the field of industrial automation. Company ZAT aims at this field. Last fiscal year we dealt with development of a new product line SimONet applying modern wireless technology for collecting, large distance transfer and processing of a big amount of data. The system is at testing phase now. „We are fully aware of the fact that power engineering is a political issue and it is not clear whether we will have enough contracts in this field in future. Therefore we would like to focus on development of intelligent systems outside energy industry too. Within control system SandRA we are going to keep developing communication protocols and implement further elements to increase safety as well as user-friendliness,“ adds Vladislava Česáková.