We introduced new technologies for IoT at Energy Forum and District Heating Days 2018

We introduced new technologies for IoT at Energy Forum and District Heating Days 2018

Heating industry is a traditional branch for which we supply our control systems. During this year Energy Forum and District Heating Days, that was organized by Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic in Hradec Králové for the 24th in a row, we presented to the participants our new solution in the field of internet of things

Petr Hasman, Deputy Director of the Smart Systems Division, presented the paper Wireless data collection and administration using IoT technologies. After opening introduction of the company and solution for heating industry he focused on presenting our new product of Wireless collection and administration of the data from root heat meters. „With this product we complete our portfolio containing control of entire block as well as partial technologies, e.g. turbine control, generator excitation, desulphurization or ash decrease process. It is a low-cost solution of data collection and administration, that provides coverage even in complicated localities“, says Petr Hasman.


The module based on LoRaWAN technology enables variable number of the meter readings in a day. At the same time it guarantees more than a five-year lifetime in case of power supply from common AA batteries. Software for administration of measured locality enabling monitoring of measured data, notification of exceeding standard limits and data export to higher systems – all this is a part of the product. „This way we increase possibilities of information flow to our customers and we search for new connections that result in quality improvement of our services or in savings,“ adds Hasman.

Our company is actively involved in development of technologies in context of Industry 4.0 and in searching for new technologies and platforms in the world of IoT, which we then include in existing fields of the industry where we work.

The paper can be downloaded here:

Our company ZAT was also a partner of the Energy Forum and District Heating Days, you can see some photos from this year event in the photo gallery.