We introduced technologies for IoT solutions in towns and buildings at the IQRF conference

We introduced technologies for IoT solutions in towns and buildings at the IQRF conference

Members of IQRF Alliance, cooperating companies as well as professional public met in February at the Czech Institute of informatics, robotics, and cybernetics where they discussed innovations in the field of integration of IoT solutions in towns and buildings.

Representatives of our platform SimONet cannot have missed this opportunity. We presented the advantages of the platform through examples from both the production and non-production sphere. These advantages are the universal character in connecting to the source of data, multiplatform visualization on PC and smartphones or its interconnection with superior systems and application of measured data for control of service technologies.

„Our cloud solution SimONet based on IoT draws high attention. In fact, it is a small battery-charged box wirelessly collecting data from any technology. It works in the same way as intelligent houses, only with the quality of industrial applications. It is possible to use it even for monitoring of the distribution of energy, heat, water or monitoring of the inner space parameters,“ says Petr Hasman from the Smart systems division who represented ZAT at the conference.

The system has been set up for example in a gallery in Klatovy where it monitors air humidity, it is suitable for the same purpose at kindergartens, medical facilities where it can monitor the movement of patients or evaluate the state of environmental quality. „We also test the system at an institute of Alzheimer's disease. It is also possible to use the system for monitoring a state of underground water and a lot of other applications within climate changes,“ adds Hasman.

Among the technologies that can use our smart IoT solution there rank measurement of air quality both inside and outside, smart interior exterior and emergency light, parking and passageway detectors, smart radio, heating systems for effective air adjustment as well as radar for monitoring and detection of persons and vehicles.

What was very interesting at the conference was a presentation by VSB Technical University Ostrava presenting the farthest installation of the IQRF network for measurement of outer environment and land quake performed in the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.