We modernize information system on the first reactor unit at NPP Dukovany

We modernize information system on the first reactor unit at NPP Dukovany

Currently, there is going on the assembly work on the first reactor unit of NPP Dukovany where we set up our control system. For the nuclear power plant, we are at the moment realizing two projects, namely „Completion of the measurement from the PAMS system to the PCS“ (PAMS Post Accident Monitoring System, PCS – computer information system). The FAT tests. i.e. factory acceptance tests were successfully performed at the testing room in Příbram at the end of June.

The other project (parallel of the aforesaid one) is „Safe and reliable assurance of the PCS system on reactor units 1-4 of NPP Dukovany“. There were also going on the 72-hour permanent operation tests at the turn of June with successful results.

The reactor unit shutdown and implementation of the equipment are going on from mid-August till the end of September. This phase of the ZAT realized projects at NPP Dukovany will be completed by the handover of the work to the end client ČEZ for permanent operation.       

Our activity at NPP Dukovany: In 2002 – 2009 ZAT performed a sequential modernization of the PCS system. After fifteen years of successful and reliable operation, we continue through the above-mentioned projects in the previous reconstruction by a partial modernization of the HMI operators´ part of this system that is used for control of the power plant units. Company ČEZ prepares further stepwise partial modifications that ZAT will be engaged in.

In the photo gallery, you can see samples of the ZAT products and realizations in nuclear power engineering.