We took part in a round table talk focused on construction of nuclear units in Czech Republic

We took part in a round table talk focused on construction of nuclear units in Czech Republic

ZAT safety and non-safety control systems SandRA for control of nuclear technologies are supplied to one third of nuclear power plants in EU and 10 percent in the world. Our control systems control almost fully the units of nuclear power plant Dukovany and have been set up in a large scale at nuclear power plant Temelín. Therefore it was clear that we had taken part in a round table talk discussing the topic Construction of nuclear units in the Czech Republic – Czech way, organized by the Energetické Třebíčsko organization and District Chamber of Commerce Třebíč at Chateau of Dukovany.

In the round table there took part fifty specialists, mostly industrialists and local representatives of the NPP Dukovany region. Our company was represented by Karel Stočes, Director of Energetics Division.

Topics discussed

Round table paid attention to possible organization models of construction of new units. Ivo Kouklík, Director of nuclear island construction at NPP Hanhikivi from company Fennovoima presented Finnish model Mankala, Attila Aszody, commissioner for construction of NPP PAKS II the Hungarian model of intergovernmental agreement.

ZAT is at the moment supplying its control system SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation) to the operated units within their modernization both to Finland and Hungary. After project completion there will be nuclear units in seven countries, five of them from Europe, controlled by the Czech control system.  

Rusatom Overseas representative Loeš Tomíček presented current state of Russian nuclear energy industry as well as Rosatom construction in the world where they have installed 30 GW, 36 units under construction and two thirds of world construction is just from Russia. Rosatom has put into operation thirteen nuclear units in the course of last eleven years, which is the highest number of units realized by a single company in the world.

This was followed in by František Hezoučký from the University of West Bohemia Pilsen who presented a proposal of possible Czech approach. He also informed the participants about his evaluation of possible projects of individual prospective suppliers.

There was also discussed the Czech model that could mobilize Czech nuclear producers and suppliers. In Hezoučký´s opinion construction could be realized by joint effort of Czech companies based on purchased project of nuclear island. Czech companies have sufficent capacities and knowledge for a lot of nuclear power plant systems such as primary and secondary part, tertiary cooling, chemistry, water treatment plant, systems ventilation, I&C systems, dosimetry, chemical laboratories, electro etc.

Summary at the end

Russisns are the only ones who successfuly build up nuclear units, in Finland you can build without building permit (except for nuclear island), Hungary sucessfully copes with intergovernmental agreements and they are proud of the fact that they are forerunners in construction of nuclear units in Europe.

And what will it be like with us?

„The government is supposed to decide about financing of construction of new nuclear units by end of this calendar year. It will be a great opportunity in supplies for ZAT too and further progress in technical tools, products, references, competences and further increase of know-how within safe control of new nuclear technologies“, sums up Karel Stočes.

Our company ZAT is enormously interested in participation through its supplies in completion and reconstructions of nuclear power plants not only at home but abroad as well.

In the photogallery you can see examples of control system SandRA.