We want to supply control system SandRA to all nuclear power plants in Hungary

We want to supply control system SandRA to all nuclear power plants in Hungary

Last year in cooperation with ŠKODA JS we completed a replacement of the I&C system of the unit power and drives on all four production units of the nuclear power plant Paks I in Hungary.   "It is another nuclear power plant fully controlled by our control system SandRA.  We would also like to contribute to the supplies of control systems for the planned completion of the nuclear power plant Paks II," says Karel Stočes, Sales and Marketing Director of the Power Engineering Division. 

In the scope of our activities in Hungary, we took part in the visit of the nuclear power plant Paks organized by the consortium Rosatom. The visit was held at the end of February and we joined other Czech suppliers and economic journalists.   The technical director of the nuclear power plant highlighted in his introductory presentation a scope of Czech and Slovak supplies for its reconstruction.  "He evaluated our company as an excellent supplier of a digital system that works great.  He also mentioned a tender for the control and protective systems of turbines where he commented on participation of the companies ŠKODA JS and ZAT," adds František Kural, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Power Engineering Division, that participated in the event together with Karel Stočes.    

The journalists also saw the main control room of the unit B4 and the joint reactor hall for units B3 and B4.  They also visited a reactor training center where it is possible to simulate the operation of the real parts of equipment: reactor vessels, fuel assemblies, steam generators, main circulation pump and other parts including the technologies for secondary circuit.     


We are ready for supplies to NPP Paks II

The second day was spent by discussing the construction of the units of NPP Paks II.  S.V.Generalov, Rosatom Deputy Director for completion informed the participants about the planned start of the process of selecting suppliers in April this year.  Currently, there is going on a realization of the documentation for building permit that is supposed to be submitted to the authorities in June this year, the issue of the building permit is assumed within twelve months. 

"As for the part focusing on completion of the nuclear power plant, we also introduced our project solution and products for power engineering including the supplies for Paks I, and mainly the readiness for supplies to Paks II", says Karel Stočes.   ZAT has got significant references in the field of nuclear power engineering, the control systems of Příbram developers have been set up at nuclear power plants in seven countries of Europe and Asia.   In total, they are 30 percent of nuclear power plants in the EU and 10 percent in the world.  "Currently there are being realized projects for the nuclear power plants in Finland, France, and Armenia.  In the scope of the planned shutdown, we also perform the service at nuclear power plants both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia where we have set up the ZAT control system at all nuclear power plants," adds Karel Stočes. 

From the Czech side there took part the following companies: ŠKODA JS, Sigma Group, Kabex, and Essential Communication. 


ZAT supplies for NPP Paks I

The units of NPP Paks I are controlled through the process stations SandRA Z101 and Z102 that include the special safety functions classified in the highest safety categories.  Through these process stations, there is realized the regulation and safety system of the reactor control rod drive system.   Its task is to regulate, slow down or (if necessary) to stop the reactor fission.  The other system is the reactor power regulation system.   Both systems are closely related to each other and they cooperate.  This supply has been realized in cooperation with company ŠKODA JS and the supplied systems are the key ones for operation and ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants.

In the photo gallery, you can find the following photos: NPP Paks I info center, technical director of the power plant during the February presentation, visualization of Paks II.