ZAT subsidiary has created information system for European press agencies including CTK

ZAT subsidiary has created information system for European press agencies including CTK

Our colleagues from Definity Systems achieved great success when they participated significantly in creation of information system Sport Edit. This system is used by a European Alliance of News Agencies for administration and distribution of sport results.

Before that news agencies worked with sport results separately on their own national markets. At the moment the data on individual competitions are put in the system just once, then they can be used by all involved partners. According to CTK, that is applying the system as well, the new platform enables agencies to reduce work load, cur down manual data input, to increase and plan competition covering more efficiently, to share effort and costs and to make the provided services faster and more attractive.

IS Sport Edit is used for collection, administration and subsequent distribution of received data. Administred information include detailed data on teams, clubs, athletes, stadiums, competitions etc. The system also provides functions for planning of individual competitions and matches. System has been designed in such a way to enable dynamic set up of individual sports practically without any restrictions. System flexibility makes possible reflecting different requirements for setting and monitoring of results by individual agencies.

In the project there participated other press agencies led by Norwegian press agency (NTB). These are the other paticipants: CTK (Czech Republic), TT (Sweden), STT (Finland), PAP (Poland).


Among key characteristics of IS Sport Edit there rank:    

- multilingual character

- data distribution to clients using Web Hooks – application based on resposne to an event (e.g. change of result of match, completion, etc.)