Zoom At Technology conference is coming up. See how Vladimir Dlouhy, president of the Czech chamber of commerce, supports us.

It is coming up soon! Wondering what? Now, 15th ZAT Customers’ Day, this time called  ´Zoom At Technology´. And as we are a company that supplies control systems for energetics and industry to 60 countries how else can you arrange the latest news in our control systems than virtually?

And what can you expect? An hour of on-line live broadcasting full of technological innovations, IoT technologies, and of course news about ZAT and its own development of control systems for energetics and industry. In the virtual studio, our colleagues will be ready to answer your questions all the time. You can watch the broadcasting and chat with us from the convenience of your office, home office or wherever you want.

In support of our Zoom At Technology, we asked Mr. Vladimir Dlouhy, President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, to say a few words about ZAT. And here is the result:


So, do you know what you are going to do on February 12th, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm GMT? Do not forget to note down in your calendar that you will be watching Zoom At Technology. Sign up today at www.zoomattechnology.com.