Aboard a train of the fourth industrial revolution. Expecting an exciting period of further development.

Did you know that our SandRA control system meets the criteria of the today’s buzzword – the fourth industrial revolution? It is a fully-autonomous modular system working in real time, communicating via standardized communications interfaces. “We expect an exciting period of further development. We are currently developing self-diagnostics features for our systems as well as remote diagnostics of technologies under control. In cooperation with University of West Bohemia we are working on a research project focused on power industry machinery and process modelling/simulations, and a research project focused on control system components’ testing automation. We aim to develop intelligent control systems, looking for cooperating partners both in the academic community and industry,” commented Ivo Tichý, Member of ZAT Board of Directors. In context of current world trends, ZAT has reinforced its focus on the development of smart systems for various industrial and infrastructure applications.