Smart buildings and energy

We offer effective management of buildings, regardless of the composition of existing technologies with which the building is equipped, but with a view to saving costs associated with the operation of the building. We influence the indoor climate in buildings by monitoring the current temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration and by autonomous monitoring and regulation of the required condition in each specific room based on its needs.

We provide an overview of real-time energy consumption, monitoring of energy leaks, or energy peaks. Based on the measured values, we analyze the current state and propose optimization, whether the mode of operation of the building or the production line.

Monitoring of the internal environment

At present, energy consumers are facing a sharp rise in prices, with the cost of heat supply being a very significant item in the total cost of energy supply. Finding ways to achieve savings thus becomes an inevitable solution.

In addition to costly renovations of the building, savings on heat supply costs in compliance with the relevant requirements can be achieved by means of individual temperature regimes in the individual rooms.

In addition to financial savings, the correct setting of heating, ventilation and even lighting can demonstrably improve the quality of the indoor climate, which has a significant impact on health and thus the quality of life.

Products for monitoring the indoor environment

The solution uses a sensor developed by us, which, in addition to monitoring environmental values, enables room occupancy monitoring with the help of a thermal camera (GDPR friendly) and allows, based on long-term measurements, to provide a basis for optimizing the use of offices, meeting rooms, etc. The solution is suitable for owners of office buildings who rent their premises to companies with an emphasis on the most efficient use of the layout of their buildings, but also for companies as such, which can optimize the number of rented seats with respect to the number of employees.

We also build solutions on our SimONet platform, which collects, processes, visualizes, analyzes recorded data and offers the possibility of controlling peripherals, and thus responses to measured, non-standard conditions. The SimONet platform is a tool that allows you to combine data from any number of technologies and applications into one, and thus offers a complete overview of the state of the building, either directly in the SimONet application or in the form of reports, alerts. The solution in the form of a single application combining all the data about the building and the technologies used in it, is suitable for those who want to have a quick overview, do not want to remember "many" passwords and want to use their time efficiently.

Simonet 1

The solution uses a combination of smart thermostatic heads mounted on existing radiators, room sensors measuring environmental values (temperature, humidity, CO2) and the SimONet platform, which is used to visualize current and historical values and set the required parameters for individual rooms.

The solution is primarily suitable for buildings using a central heat supplier. However, it also shows savings in the case of buildings with their own heat source, which also allows regulation for the building to some extent.

The balancing of thermal comfort at the level of each room is another factor and added value. During the day, the system responds to the heating of the building by sunlight and thus regulates the thermal comfort at the level of each room.

Simonet 1
Platform SimONet

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Monitoring and regulation of energy consumption

Electricity, gas, water, heat - energy, the consumption of which is measured in every society. We offer a smart solution for collecting data from billing meters. You will get an overview of energy consumption in real time, which will allow you to optimize the operating mode of your building.

If you are a building operator with more than one legal entity, another option for using our solution is to automatically send data to the market operator, or, using our MEC platform, to allocate energy costs to individual legal entities that use your premises for their business. .

Products for monitoring and regulation of energy consumption

Electro System
Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption

The wireless data collection solution from billing meters uses the IoT transmission communication layer for fast, easy and non-invasive installation. Thanks to long-term and frequent data collection, it is possible to optimize the operation mode of the building according to the tariffs of your energy supplier, or with regard to the agreed "quarter-hour maximum" to optimize the operation of the production line or machines.

Smart technology can help you not only with reading measured values from end devices, but also with detecting black consumption.

Wireless Data
MEC Smart Metering

MEC is a smart system for local distribution companies and manufacturers of energy metering and control equipment that enables the automatic collection, processing and application of data on electricity supply and consumption.

The benefit for the customer is that the application provides, for example, online information on electricity meter records, daily values or the function of automatic reports in one place.

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