Nuclear power plant Paluel (1x PWR 1330) - KCF system

Object description: Delivery of cabinets KCF

Branches: Automation for Nuclear Power Generation, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP

Country: France

Finished at: 2015


On 17.3. 2015  were successfully dispatched cabinets KCF shipped to AREVA NP, the end customer is Paluel nuclear power plant in France. This is the first direct supply cabinets for the plant. In the past, we carried out  two deliveries for this Areva NP project, but they were specified for training centers. This  contract has tota value  66 mil. CZK. Deliveries will be until 2022. ZAT will produce 5-8 cabinets each year, totally quantity will be 58 cabinets.