Maintenance and service

What we do?

In cooperation with our costumers we provide operability our delivered systems with various form of service support.

Why to choose our company?

  • Complexity We provide service – like supplies of spare parts for all systems, long-time maintenance and guaranteed service for our devices
  • Adaptability We provide not only repairs with or without contract, if you offer us, but we are able to guarantee the time, which will be our specialists on the site for start the service repair.
  • Quality We provide the biggest operating availability for our delivered devices
  • Reliability We consider the living-cycle of all our devices in control systems, we are able to produce spare parts for the costumer in the future.

Offer of services

Warranty service

The team of qualify technicians provide completely warranty service for all our devices and equipment. After expired the warranty time, we are able to provide the longer service, also with this we ensure operation without problems of our systems.

Why choose us?

If you choose our control system SandRA, we provide 10-years warranty for hardware of this control systems (the systems Z200, Z210) - 4.generation of control systems in ZAT a.s.

Production and repair of spare parts

We ensure management of spare parts (repairs, deliveries, installation). These deliveries of the spare parts we ensure during active-life cycle of the device and during attenuation cycle of the device.

After ending of attenuation cycle of the device is possible to prepare an individual contract about guarantee service in the future. After the end of life cycle of the device we aren’t able to guarantee next deliveries or repairs of this device or its equipment.

Why choose us?

Inasmuch as we deliver own control system, for which we have the own developing center, we are able to realize a lot of modifications of all components in this system according to the requests of our customers.

Occasional service

We provide the repairs of our devices with (supply contract) or without contracted time (repair order) to arrive our specialists to the site.

Long-time maintenance

We offer long-time service for our control systems. Our target is perform the contracted time for availability our devices during the life cycle of the device. This type of service is possible to contract after expired the warranty.

Why to choose us?

Not only we design, manufacture and deliver the device, we also put the device to operation. Therefore we know everything needed. 

Training of staffs by customer

Our specialists make the training for service works on the device, in our company or in companies of our customers during commissioning. The training is possible to offer by us separately too. We provide special external training according to the requests from the customer.

Guarantors for Maintenance and Service

Lukáš Jaša

Servis for Automation for Nuclear Power Generation

Tel.: +420 737 224 613

Pavel Nádrazský

Servis for Automation for Conventional Power Generation

Tel.: +420 377 438 270

Roman Plavec

Servis for Medical devices

Tel.: +420 736 519 482