M3-M5 moduls on block 1, Nuclear power plant Dukovany

Branches: Automation for Nuclear Power Generation, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP

Country: CZ

Finished at: 2015


Supply control systems for primary and secondary circuit RSBP and ŘSBS, control system turboset ŘSBT, the control system of own consumption ŘSBE and superior diagnostic and information system DIAG. Renewal Units I&C systems and related equipment based on the realization of all supplies of goods, works and services related to this delivery reconstruction of instrumentation and control systems for four units of Dukovany NPP power unit of 440 MW in the form of supplies '' turnkey ''.

The device has sufficient durability and is maintainable (availability of spare parts and consumables). All components of I&C systems, which are part of the implementation and comply all requirements.