Modernization of unit I&C systems of Dukovany NPP

Used products: ŘSBP, ŘSBS, ŘSBT, ŘSBE, DIAG

Branches: Automation for Nuclear Power Generation, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP

Country: Czech Republic

Finished at: 2014


Supply of control systems for primary (ŘSBP) and secondary (ŘSBS) circuit, turbine control system (ŘSBT), control system of own consumption (ŘSBE) and superior diagnostic and information system (DIAG).

Modernization of unit I&C systems and related facilities lies in the realization of all supplies, labor and services associated with this delivery reconstruction of I&C systems on four units of Dukovany NPP with unit output of 440 MWe, in the form of "turnkey". The goal of modernization is to ensure safe and reliable operation of the Dukovany least to 2025-2027 year.

It means that all components of I&C systems, which are part of the modernization meets the following requirements:

  • The facility is capable of in terms of:
  • safety operation (meets conditions of regulatory body for next operation)
  • according to the standards
  • functionality (meets all current functional requirements)
  • qualification of facility where the qualification is required
  • Facility has sufficient life
  • The facility is maintainable (availability of spare parts)