The Ozosmart Active Oxygen Device is an active multifunctional therapeutic medical device designed for the application of ozone in the clinical and outpatient practice of medical facilities. It is the latest answer to the needs of modern ozonotherapy. The device supports all currently known ozone applications.

The biochemical action of ozone in the body ensures the support of blood supply to all tissues, including the CNS, has bacteriocidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties, has an immunorestaurant effect, energy benefits, supports regeneration, and also has an anti-tumor effect.


  • Smart measurement feedback of ozone concentration in space
  • Sophisticated nozzle flow control
  • The ACM concentration measurement system doe not have to be routinely calibrated
  • Multilingual operator management


  • multifunctional therapy device
  • mobile (boxed) and ergonomically compact solution
  • touch screen (intuitive user control)
  • More setup options to respond to individual patient requests


Ing. Martina Balcarová

Tel.: +420 736 519 106