Representatives of MIT and company ČEZ were interested in our competences for nuclear power industry

At the end of September there was our company in Příbram visited by representatives of Ministry of Industry and Trade led by Ján Štuller, the commissioner for nuclear power industry, that is responsible for fulfilling of the approved National Action Plan for the Development of the Nuclear Energy in the Czech Republic, and the representatives of company ČEZ from the department of Construction of nuclear power plants. Aim of the visit of the commissioner was to get familiarized with competences of our company, that is a member of the Czech Power Industry Alliance, mainly the ones for nuclear power industry.

New nuclear units built with support of state belong to the main plans of Czech political parties in the field of energy industry.

According to Ján Štuller it means that it is important to map competences of the crucial companies that could participate in the completion. „Our company has very good position in the field of supply of control systems for nuclear technologies in Europe. We realize big projects both at home and in the world where we supply the SandRA control system developed in our company. It means our nuclear know-how is getting increased,“ says Ivo Tichý, member of the ZAT Board of Directors.

Control systems and know-how of company ZAT are running on one third of nuclear power units in Europe and ten percent in the world. It has been used on both Czech power plants where the technology on four units of NPP Dukovany is of nearly one hundred percent controlled just through the control system of our company.