SimONet Collection Back

Product description

Through our product we provide data collection in places where using a standard communication network is not possible or effective. This method of data acquisition is also implemented in ZAT’s current products. We offer comprehensive monitoring and measurement of both electrical and non-electrical quantities.

The technical solution is based on the IoT platform where data collection is executed by battery-powered low-energy sensors. Subsequently, the data is saved in a database.

After saving and archiving the data, two modes of use present themselves:

  • The data is visualized in the tie-in system SimONet Visualization.
  • The data is provided for processing and possible visualization in an external tool operated by the customer.

Technical specifications

  • Low-energy sensor using the IoT platform
  • Communication converter integrating IoT into current ZAT products

Topology diagram

New LoRa communication module = Nový LoRa komunikační modul
Wireless communication 868 MHz = Bezdrátová komunikace 868 MHz
Gateway range 2-10 km = Gateway dosah 2-10 km
Cloud or other data repository = Cloud nebo jiné datové úložiště
Two-way communication = Zpětná komunikace
Client application, data import into IS = Zákaznická aplikace, import do IS
Data evaluation and visualization for the customer = Vyhodnocování a vizualizace pro zákazníka

Benefits for the customer

  • Sensors developed and produced by ZAT
  • Swift implementation
  • Online access to data
  • Reduced costs of maintenance
  • Reduced operational costs of data collection