Updated measures against the spread of Covid-19

Updated measures against the spread of Covid-19

In the context of the current situation due to the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 we would like to inform you of the measures in workplaces of ZAT, in the production and in the realization of your orders.  

In February, we already activated the crisis staff, which still monitors current events and implements related measures. Because of that, we managed the situation in spring very well and our deliveries to customers were on time, which is our constant priority.   

Currently, we continue to implement comprehensive measures against the spread of the virus in our company and we undertake steps to deliver to all our customers on time even in case of illness of some of our employees. We continuously evaluate the situation in cooperation with specialists. We have our own system for tracing contacts on workplaces that are tested positive and based on obtained data we implement effective measures. In case of the risk of transmission of the virus, we also inform our customers with whom our employee was in contact.

If regulations are adopted by the competent authorities that lead to significant restrictions on the movement of people and goods or other restrictions related to employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, collaborators or contracts, that may affect performance of our deliveries. If this situation occurs, we will inform you immediately in order to find a common solution that eliminates these impacts as much as possible.

We believe that the spread of COVID -19 will be well managed throughout society and the restrictions of activities of economic entities will stop and that life will return to normal.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Preventive measures of ZAT a.s.


  • Entry to the ZAT workplace must be approved in advance by the responsible ZAT employees, protective measures are set, and the visitor is informed about them in advance.
  • Every visitor of ZAT is registered at the reception and is obliged to sign an affidavit stating that they have not been in contact with people in quarantine and do not feel symptoms of respiratory disease. 

Work and service trips of employees:

  • Service interventions and installations for critical infrastructure operators requested by the customer or the commissioning of new deliveries at the customer's premises are provided in the standard mode.
  • Domestic and foreign business trips are approved individually according to the current situation in the respective destination.
  • When employees return from the high-risk area, specific measures against the spread of the virus are activated or employees undertake the testing for COVID-19.
  • All employees are equipped with appropriate protective equipment according to the set standards for COVID-19 or according to the specific requirements of our customers. 

ZAT workplace:

  • Precise comprehensive measures are set at all workplaces, the workplaces are equipped with disinfectants and employees are informed about all hygienic measures that they are obliged to follow.
  • All employees have the “e-rouška” application activated on their business phones. (The application notifies the users in time and in anonymous manner of a risky encounter with an infected person.)
  • If it is possible, work is performed in a form of home-office using online tools. At individual workplaces in Příbram, Pilsen and Benešov, the number of people present at the workplace is limited so that it corresponds to the situation in the given place and so that contacts between different working groups are avoided as much as possible.
  • Stable operation of industrial electronics production, assembly of switchboards and test rooms is ensured.
  • For the maximum safety of employees, rules are set for the use of company cars, contacts between individual workplaces or the regime after returning from business trips.