We presented our nuclear competences at conference NE•RS 2018

We presented our nuclear competences at conference NE•RS 2018

November this year is full of conferences. As every year we took part in 11th annual conference on nuclear energy NE•RS 2018 „New generation of nuclear power plants is coming in – experience and lesson learned“, which was held in November 2018 at Kaiserstejn Palace in Prague.

The conference was held at the time when there are being commissioned new reactors in many countries, which is a topic not only for suppliers but also for our state as a candidate for construction.

In the morning part of the conference the experts on nuclear power engineering summarized all information as for the Czech side concerning the approach of the state, investor and mainly Czech industry to future construction of new units. There was also mentioned the relation between nuclear safety and national safety when potential dependency due to lack of our own stabile sources of energy can even lead up to threat to the state. There is being intensively discussed localization of supplies at the moment. However, there applies that this discussion concerns the period from 2023 and onwards, i.e. the period when there will in fact be made orders of equipment and technological units. It is necessary for our industry to keep the ability to be a significant supplier of new units till then. It is clear that only the companies sufficiently self-confident and able not only to keep their current potential but even to guarantee its sustaining and development manage that.  

Representatives of companies such as Doosan Škoda Power, I&C Energo and ZAT a.s. made their appearance on this topic in the morning part.

We were represented by František Kural, who explained ZAT approach in the issue of nuclear power industry competences. Despite current lack of bigger investment in home power engineering our company keeps its competences in this field when we are at the moment setting up control systems for nuclear units in Hungary, Finland, Slovakia and Armenia. We also supply partial technologies and service for nuclear units in the Czech Republic.