We reached record sales in the fiscal year 2016

Last year was very successful for company ZAT again, we increased the year-on-year sales by 19% and reached the record 813 millions CZK. Proportion of foreign trade has increased as well, year-on-year from 420 mil. up to 480 mil. CZK. Total proportion of foreign trade makes 65%.

„By introducing SandRA , the fourth generation of ZAT original control system, there significantly increases demand for ZAT services both at home and in the world. The long-term systematic work with clients pays as well, mainly to get bigger projects represents several years´ work. Among the new projects we have made through for example in Armenia, Poland and we are beginning in Finland. “, says Ivo Tichý, member of the ZAT Board of Directors. Currently we are supplying to 60 countries in the world.

We have also gone through a lot of client´s audits focusing mainly on the field of safety of nuclear technologies.