At the KHNP APR 1000 Symposium we discussed the integration of ZAT into the supply chain

At the KHNP APR 1000 Symposium we discussed the integration of ZAT into the supply chain

ZAT is one of the leading manufacturers of control systems in the nuclear power industry in Europe and worldwide. We are also currently bidding for the inclusion of our systems in the offers of all suppliers in the construction of new nuclear blocks in our country. One of the potential bidders is the South Korean company KHNP. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, the KHNP APR 1000 Supplier Symposium in Prague took place at the end of March.

The event was attended by over 150 representatives of the Czech government, the project owner and suppliers, who learned about South Korean nuclear technology and industry as well as the localization strategy through the Korean nuclear power plant's exhibition. A major benefit for Czech companies was the opportunity to speak personally with the management of the South Korean company about opportunities to participate in their supply chain.

For the member companies of the Czech Energy Alliance, of which ZAT is a founding member, this was another step towards their involvement in the supply chain for the construction of nuclear power plants based on APR 1000 technology.

"Within ZAT, we confirmed to KHNP representatives our know-how in supplying control systems to the nuclear power industry. We have been negotiating with the KHNP management for a long time. Representatives of Korean companies have also visited ZAT's headquarters in Příbram in the past years and got personally acquainted with our nuclear competences and modern technical and technological background," says Karel Stočes, Marketing and Sales Director, who together with František Kural, Head of the Energetics Expert Group, attended the event.

The Symposium followed the visit of the member companies of the Czech Power Industry Alliance (CPIA) to the KHNP headquarters in South Korea last May and the subsequent signing of a memorandum on future cooperation in the field of nuclear energy with the Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Moon Sung-wook, last June in Prague, of which ZAT was a part of.

KHNP is one of the three potential suppliers, alongside Westinghouse (USA) and EdF (France), with whom we are in discussions to collaborate and involve ZAT in supply chains to deliver project solutions on the SandRA platform.