About company

About company

ZAT a.s., a global supplier of industrial process automation

We are the world's leading supplier of control and intelligent systems for power engineering and industry. We are among the leaders in our field in the automation of nuclear and conventional power engineering, industry, rail systems, gas and smart systems. We focus on industries with high demands on safety and reliability and on technologies and services that require innovative and individual solutions. We help our customers to continuously improve the operational efficiency of their technologies.

Our development focuses on new applications of Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies. We develop software applications for modern platforms and information systems for customers requiring individual solutions. We are also a certified medical device manufacturer.

We have in-house development, design, manufacture, installation and service of electronic devices, control systems and their components.

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History since 1962

  • 1962

    This is where it all began...

    Establishment of the Uranium Industry Centre in Příbram

  • 1992

    Privatisation of the company

    Establishment of ZAT a.s.

  • 1997

    We are constantly developing

    Acquisition of Easy Control Systems

  • 2003

    More members to the team

    Acquisition of the Controls division of Škoda Energo

  • 2011

    We are innovating the SandRA system

    Introduction of the 4th generation SandRA Z200 control system

  • 2016

    SandRA conquers the world

    Introduction of the SandRA Z100 Safety Control System

  • 2018

    Data at your fingertips

    We focus on new technologies - the creation of the SimONet platform

  • 2019

    We expand our competencies

    Acquisition of Definity Systems

  • >>

    The future is in our hands

    We are ready for any challenge