We control, monitor, and analyze

ZAT belongs to the first companies in the world that in the 1960s focused on the development and production of electronic devices for automation of technological processes. Our technology and know-how have been controlling over a long period more than 200 industrial units from various fields of industry in 60 countries.
Since 2011, we have already been successfully supplying the fourth generation of control system SandRA intended for demanding industrial branches requiring high reliability and a long lifetime of control systems. With the beginning of IoT technologies, we put on the market a platform SimONet in 2018 for complex collection, administration, and visualization of values using IoT technology. Our new data-analysis tool SoWA will continue in both platforms.
The development of control systems is performed by top-level experts in development centers in Příbram, Pilsen, and Benešov. It means that they are 100 percent Czech platforms developed and produced in the Czech Republic.

Platformy Schema
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    4 generations

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    60 years

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Modern control system

SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation) is a control system for industrial fields with higher requirements for safety and reliability. It is suitable for control of large technological units as well as small technologies.

Wireless Data
IoT monitoring system

SimONet (Simply On Network) is a solution for wireless collection and saving of data using IoT technology and visualization of monitored technologies at various users views.