ZAT products and solutions around the world

ZAT control systems give life to technologies in power plants on 5 continents of the world. From the most remote application at a solar power plant in Australia, through 30% of nuclear reactors in the European Union, to hydroelectric power plants in Cuba.

In the Czech Republic, our control system controls not only half of the traction voltage on railways, hundreds of telemetry and gas transfer stations, but also many biogas stations, wastewater treatment plants, coal conveyors and other industrial units.

Monitoring systems based on IoT technologies are gradually gaining ground in the Czech and Slovak markets, and our mobile and desktop applications are used by many companies and thousands of end users in the Czech Republic.

Industrial electronics products from our automated lines control Korean high-speed trains and medical equipment.

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Notable projects

  • Waterworks Lipno

    Modernization of the control system on the SandRA platform

    CZ, 2022

  • Custom production

    Production of 140 pieces of a medical device for a customer

    CZ, 2022

  • Cathodic protection station Skalice nad Svitavou

    Wireless measurement from cathodic protectors

    CZ, 2021

  • Heating plant Příbram

    Reconstruction of the boiler control system due to transition to another fuel

    CZ, 2021

  • Heating plant in Tabor

    Migration of the boiler control system in connection with fuel change

    CZ, 2021

  • Biogas station Dlouhá Lhota

    Supply of control system and monitoring system with Simatic S7-300 PLC and Reliance visualization

    Czech Republic, 2021

  • Coal preparation Ledvice

    Delivery of Siemens S7 1500 control system for coal conveyor belt control

    CZ, 2021

  • Waterworks Žilina

    Reconstruction of excitation controllers TG1 and TG2

    SK, 2021

  • Railway line Oldřichov u Duchcov - Bílina

    Implementation of Remote Diagnostics and Technological Systems

    CZ, 2021

  • Railway station Strakonice

    Addition of Remote Diagnostics of Technological Systems

    CZ, 2021

  • Railway station Jaroměř

    Reconstruction and implementation of Remote diagnostics of technological systems

    CZ, 2020

  • Plzeň junction, 3rd construction - Domažlice railway crossing

    Implementation of Dispatching Control Technology

    CZ, 2020

  • Empalme Thermal Power Plant I,II

    Delivery of 2 pieces of excitation generators 300 MW

    Mexico, 2019

  • Railway line Týniště nad Orlicí - Broumov

    Implementation of Dispatcher Control Technology and Remote Diagnostics of Technological Systems

    CZ, 2019

  • Škoda Auto

    Support for shop floor management through visualisation of production data on electronic boards

    CZ, 2018

  • Health +

    Making pharmacy report data, test results and recommended medications available to patients

    ČR, 2017

  • Heating plant Katowice

    Reconstruction of turbine control system, reconstruction of 120 MW generator excitation

    Poland, 2017

  • Waterworks Kořensko

    Modernization of the control system on the SandRA platform

    CZ, 2017

  • CEPS

    Specialized system providing advanced process support across the company CEPS

    Czech Republic, 2016

  • Heating plant Písek

    Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitator source control - boilers K11 and K12

    CZ, 2016

  • Thermal Power Plant Morupule

    Delivery of synchronization of turbine rotating equipment

    Botswana, 2016

  • Thermal Power Plant Gardabani

    Supply of steam turbine control and protection system, field instrumentation and cabling

    Georgia, 2015

  • School reactor CTU, FJFI Prague

    VR-1 school training reactor information system including web services

    CZ, 2015

  • Biogas station Slatina

    Supply of control system and monitoring system, including connection to heat conductor

    Czech Republic, 2014


    System for financial management, budgeting, controlling and forecasting

    Czech Republic, 2014

  • Heating plant Strakonice

    K2 boiler control, new application software including visualization

    CZ, 2014

  • Trams in Turkey

    Air conditioning inverters for trams Konya Turkey

    Turkey, 2014

  • Biogas station Stanoviště

    Supply of control system and monitoring system

    Czech Republic, 2013

  • Heating plant Dvůr Králové

    Delivery of SW works of acoustic cleaners of K2 output superheater

    CZ, 2013

  • Biogas station Mýšlovice

    Supply of control system and monitoring system

    Czech Republic, 2012

  • Biogas station Dvorianky

    Supply of control system and monitoring system

    Slovakia, 2012

  • Thermal Power Plant Vojany

    Reconstruction of turbine controller B16

    SK, 2012

  • Biogas station Smolotely

    Supply of control system and monitoring system with Simatic S7-300 PLC and Reliance visualisation

    Czech Republic, 2012

  • Thermal Power Plant Talkha

    Replacement of generator excitation, reconstruction of turbine control system

    Egypt, 2011

  • CBRE Global Investors Central Europe

    Applications for commercial buildings supporting the budget-making processes and their approval

    Europe, 2009

  • Compass Group

    Collection and processing of accounting data in a distributed branch accounting system

    Czech Republic, 2000