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Operation without recorders thanks to IoT technologies

Regular monitoring of temperature and humidity is extremely important for a gallery exhibiting examples of Czech and world modern art, as works of art are very sensitive to changes in these values and inappropriate humidity can cause cracks or, conversely, allow mold to grow.

In the "U Bílého jednorožce" Gallery in Klatovy, we have replaced the old method of monitoring temperatures and humidity both in the exhibition spaces and in the art depository with a modern IoT monitoring system with the aim of monitoring suitable conditions in all areas of the gallery. The acquired data are visualized clearly above the map of the object and due to the sensitivity of the exhibited and saved art, the exceedance is monitored in real time.

Galerie Klatovy Data

Online overview of the climate in each room

Thanks to the SimONet platform, the visualization is independent of technical equipment. Everything can be easily watched online and from anywhere on a laptop or mobile device. Access rights management enables targeted display of data for depository administrators, collection curators or other responsible persons.

The delivery included the installation of individual rooms with battery-powered modules for measuring temperature and humidity, which did not require installation interventions in the building.

Platform SimONet

Find out more about why exhibits are always safe thanks to available data (extern� odkaz)